Sunday, January 23, 2011


Well I wish I could add some photos of my adventures in Jordan so far, but the computers I have access to are not the greatest.  I guess my words will have to do, sorry.  Do not worry though, I will have photos us when I can so keep checking back.
Well after about a 28 hour journey I made it to my hostel in Amman (Abbasi Palace Hotel).  It is a lovely place located in the heart of old town (downtown) Amman where the streets are lively.  Imagine magnificent mile, but only In Arabic.  The owner is an amazing lady who stayed up me and figured everything out with me.  I made it to bed at around 2am local time. 
The next day I awoke to some tea and some bread and headed my way towards Petra.  I left around 5 am and arrived around 8:30.   Yeah I would have to say Petra was amazing, walking through it you would have to wonder how this stuff is still standing after so many years.  After wandering through the valley you get this sense of feeling of how the people lived back in the day, and how amazing it was that whey could build something so beautiful.  After about 15 minutes I could start to see the corner of the Treasury Building (from Indiana Jones Last Crusade).  Words can not describe it, all I know is you need to see it, as the sun is beating down on it and expressing the red colors in the stone.

As I was hanging around the ruins, waiting for the sun to shine on the buildings, I met a fellow American. (funny cause of all the travel I have done, I would have to say Jordan is the place where I have ran into the most Americans)  So we BS'd for a while and let me know the things to see.  Great guy and I am actually traveling with him now.  After we parted ways I headed towards the High Monastery.  This was one hell of a hike, 800 stairs straight up.  Now I know why I travel know, because I saw a lot of older people turning back half way up, and I tell you they missed an amazing site.  On the way down a persuaded some older folks to keep going, and after seeing the photos I took they chugged there way to the top.  On top I met another solo traveller we chit chatted and we decided to walk down together.  After all this walking I had to do one more little trek that most people do not do, and that what to the top of a ridge to look down and the Treasury building.  This one was a pretty steep climb and I was getting tired and my new friend following was doing a hell of a job keeping up.  One hour later and we came to the edge and we could look down at this magnificent piece of craftsmanship.  Hung out for about 12 minutes taking as many photos as we could.  On the way down she said something to me that made me feel good  In broken english she said " how you say, you are a young spirit, is that right"  I knew what she meant right away and it made me appreciate all the things I have been able to experience in my "young life"
After the long walk back through Petra we had another 30 minute walk to downtown (which was actually all uphill).  Met back up for dinner with my new friend from America and Japan, and decided to go to Wadi Rum in the Desert (they filmed Lawerece of Arabia there)  This was a blast, it was 2 Americans and 8 Japanese and we cruised through the desert in a jeep and soaked in all the sites.  Of all things to do in the desert in the afternoon sun, we decided to have a Sumo match.  This was a blast but I got my ass kicked (I have video to prove it).  Then we watched an amazing sunset in the open desert, surrounded by amazing mountains in the distance.   Dinner was cooked in the ground and it was amazing.  Following Dinner everyone was up and dancing and playing music, I just say back and enjoyed the show.  Afterwards I headed out to see the stars.  The clarity was amazing (reminded me of the outback in Australia)   Then on to bed, what a lovely first 48 hours in Jordan.
Well I am in Amman and we (American friend) are headed to Israel tomorrow.  I hope the boarder crossing goes well.   I will try and update this when I get to Dubai.  Laters...

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