Saturday, January 1, 2011

My blog for travels...

My earliest memory of travel was 9 months prior to August 22,1978. I was a single celled organism on my way to the destination of my dreams. As I came upon that glorious egg, I thought to myself, "gosh I can't wait until I have arms so I can do a one armed hand stand."

My name is Jonathan Andrew Tjader. In the winter of 2002 I started taking extended trips to different parts of the world. The first trip was with my best friend. We went on a trip to Australia and New Zealand for 3 months. It was a steppingstone to many other adventures I've had throughout the years. Here's a map of where I've been as of Jan 1, 2011

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I'm starting this blog to share the unique experiences I've had. I've posted many photos but I've never taken the opportunity to tell the stories that go along with them. So here we go.

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  1. I bet it was fun traveling with your best friend before his AWFUL wife got in the way huh? :)

    Have fun and be good!